Hot Fun In The Summertime

Growing up in the West Indies there were two Seasons, Rainy season and Dry season. Rainy season was magical - rain showers made for great puddles which my school friends and I made no effort to avoid. My siblings and I would take turns sailing home made paper boats in drains swollen with rain water, these are indeed among my fondest childhood memories.'


When I moved to the northeast of the US in the late 1980’s , the region’s seasonal patterns took some getting used to; admittedly, the shock of my first winter was brutal. However, my appreciation for the spectacular splendor of fall leaves, freshly fallen snow, and that first warm spring day grew rapidly over the decades. After those cold winters, I witnessed how the joy of spring weather was really welcomed by everyone, accompanied with the ritual of deep Spring cleaning and organizing.


In Trinidad and Tobago, the rituals of special deep cleaning of our homes tend to center around particular holidays, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Easter etc. but living here, this concept of Spring cleaning was a new addition that totally made sense; de-cluttering, the ritual of letting fresh air and sunshine in, after being closed up during winter.

Therefore, it was no surprise when the Stay at Home order, which really took root in Spring of 2020, gave me even more impetus to de-clutter my living space and simplify my life. In talking with friends, family and clients it seems we’re all motivated to think about the things we truly need as opposed to the things we just want to have.

As my spring cleaning has extended into summer, I’ve found the results to be stress reducing, and relaxing actually, while increasing my physical comfort.

At this point you may be asking “So how does this relate to breastfeeding?”


Well, if you know anything about my philosophy you know that I promote Natural Breastfeeding education and techniques for all families. Breastfeeding in natural positions which trigger baby’s reflexes, lets Mum and baby be physically comfortable throughout an entire breastfeeding session, this is how all of our ancestors did it!

So many new mothers are taught positions that are unsustainable, or challenge their bodies unreasonably. Recommendations for the use of nursing pillows or gadgets that may be helpful in specific situations however, when used incorrectly, can create new and unnecessary issues.

Mothers come to me with complaints of wrist, shoulder and neck pain daily (just to name a few), and are impressed when letting baby lead, getting rid of all accessories and simply breastfeeding naturally reduces or eliminates joint pain. It makes breastfeeding the magical experience it can be.


Shining a bright light on this path for my clients is still the most fulfilling part of my work and I never get tired of witnessing when everything clicks - Mum and baby just take flight!

In addition to natural techniques, physical or occupational therapy can also help to eliminate painful joints associated with breastfeeding . If you’re experiencing this kind of discomfort, I highly recommend that you investigate both of these areas for alleviating pain. Look for a therapist who can show you exercises that strengthen the muscles which support your joints and an IBCLC who can help you learn how to breastfeed naturally.

As we begin this month of Breastfeeding Awareness let's focus on breastfeeding babies naturally because hey, that's how it's done in most of the world! Going back to basics and getting rid of clutter is truly the path to success and sustainability.
You too may find that simplifying breastfeeding can indeed go a long way in de-cluttering your life, thus increasing your enjoyment of being a new mother!




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