Breastfeeding Lime*

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For thousands of years, families have gathered in Circles to catch up (lime) and share a meal, all while breastfeeding their babies. Baby in the Family follows that tradition by simply reinventing and expanding that Circle a bit. Here you will find a free, safe and friendly space to meet other nursing families and get answers about your Breastfeeding and pumping concerns - except exactly how much your baby takes while breastfeeding. Yes, in the old days we used a Baby Scale, nowadays we simply Breastfeeding Lime* to support each other's breastfeeding journey!

Stretch out on your couch or bed 😉 get some breastfeeding support and make new, long-lasting friendships all while chit-chatting and exploring this delicious, centuries-old activity!

*Lime. Verb/Noun - Trinbagonian slang for hanging out, socializing, usually includes eating and drinking, with like-minded folks.

Eg. See you at the Baby in the Family Breastfeeding Lime on Wednesday afternoon! ❤️

Breastfeeding lime

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2 Wednesday afternoons monthly: 2pm-4pm via Zoom ​​Fall


OCTOBER 13 & 27

NOVEMBER 10 & 24