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It's our 14th Birthday!

We couldn’t be more excited as today March 18 2020 marks the 14th year of Baby in the Family LLC and as well befits Spring time, we've had and continue to experience incredible growth and development every year.

Have you ever simply marveled at the way everything you've learned over the years, unrelated as each may have seemed, has proved useful to your present?


When I first moved to New York, a wise gentleman whom I'd met here, advised me to embrace and learn everything, no matter how disparate it seemed, as this knowledge would coalesce and inform what I was to become in life. He encouraged me to remain open to gaining new knowledge while reflecting and connecting it with things already learned. I was in my early twenties, and had no immediate understanding of the depth of his words, however, I took his advice. 
Thirty plus years later, I get it. In fact any fellow sci-fi literature fan (particularly of Heinlein) will follow when I say, I grok it.


Before qualifying to become an IBCLC, my years of baby nursing, along with many other experiences, have formed the basis of how I choose to conduct my private practice over the decades. For example, studies are now providing strong evidence for what I have observed and practiced: the importance of providing longer term support for breastfeeding mothers and families.

In fact, my clients understand that my policy of long term care and support until their baby is weaned, is my commitment to them. As daunting as this may seem to many, the level of intensity gradually changes over a family’s lactation journey.
Initially, families need frequent follow up and support as mum and baby are becoming more adept at breastfeeding naturally. Eventually follow up conversations become more focused on lifestyle concerns such as traveling with baby, returning to a hard earned career and teething. Finally, the day comes when weaning strategies are discussed. 


My years of baby nursing around the clock also impressed upon me ways to mindfully tread the line of providing active support, simply listening, translating baby’s communications and even when to step back and enjoy watching new parents’ discover their innate ability to understand and interpret their own baby’s cues and behaviors. 

I learned too that molding the way I relate my recommendations to the occupation of my clients, using imagery or language that is more common in their sphere of knowledge or experience, is usually most helpful and clear. 


Now as Baby in the Family LLC looks to the future, I recognize that progress will come through communication technology and just as the advent of the internet has had a profound impact on us all, it has become an integral part of my practice. 

More clients are comfortable requesting virtual consultations, and prefer text instead of phone conversations for support. What began with repeat clients who moved to other cities and countries reaching out for continuous care with their new baby, has expanded to new clients who live in other parts of the world finding me through family, friends and referrals from social media contacts.


Daily, I'm in awe that this ever-evolving technology, which until a few decades ago didn't exist (except as science fiction!), helps me to communicate breastfeeding guidance and support; a skill and behavior that existed before we were human. Do you remember Dick Tracy's communicator watch? Well that's no longer Sci Fi.

These advancements luckily coincide with my desire to fully expand this area of my practice and I am not alone. The growth of online healthcare through companies like Parsley Health is an inevitability as the millennial generation becomes the parents of the generation we have yet to give a catchy nickname. 


So glad I followed that wonderful gentleman's advice;  keep my mind open to learning, reflect upon and incorporate what had come before (was he psychic?!) The next stages in the evolution of Baby in the Family LLC should be more than just interesting but indeed exciting and completely different from what can be projected- who knows there may even be a Holo Office in my future!
I’m so down with that and look forward to grokking it!!